Financial assistance

ACBI offers several different scholarships that help you earn up to 50% off tuition:

  1. $100 for each academic year you used the A.C.E. full curriculum and program (maximum $1,400)

  2. $100 for each year you attended International Student Convention (ISC) (maximum $400)

  3. $200 for each attendance at Service Adventure (maximum $400)

  4. $400 for graduating with an A.C.E. Honors course of study

  5. $600 if you or your legal guardian are currently serving full-time in church or Christian school ministry

  6. $400 for serving as an Educational Assistant prior to ACBI enrollment

  7. $50 for each credit hour taken for adults with 5 years of Learning Center experience in a school using the A.C.E. curriculum

Further qualifications may apply.

Contact [email protected] for more details and to learn if you qualify.